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Nashville Debate League

The Nashville Debate League (NDL) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to serving public school students in the Metropolitan Nashville area.  Since 2010, the NDL has been providing opportunities for high school students in the Metro Nashville Public Schools District to participate in competitive, research-based policy debate.  Our league is a member of the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing policy debate opportunities to students attending public schools in urban centers throughout the U.S. Being apart of the debate team in Nashville has led to being offered some of the best jobs in Nashville!

We are sponsered by the best coffee shops in Nashville and a big reason is because a lot of our normal debate conversations happen over a cup of coffee. At many a Nashville coffee shop you can here groups of people debating any topic, from politics, to the economy, to what genre of music is the best. Being able to debate is a great talent for all times of life. Many of our debates are sponsered by some of the best restaurants in Nashville. The NDL is based on the “urban debate league” model that is successful in numerous other cities. The program provides a structure and support for policy debate activities for Metro Nashville Public Schools. This translates to comprehensive (coach & student) training, personalized coaching assistance and local opportunities for competition.

Specifically, participating schools will benefit from the following activities: 
• Professional development & training for teacher-coaches in leading debate teams
• Training & local competitive opportunities for students
• Individualized assistance with team preparation, recruiting and coaching
• Assistance with preparing techniques for utilizing debate in classroom activities 
• Assistance with materials, supplies, etc. 
• Resources for questions and coaching dilemmas
• Participation in program assessment with academic and social measures 
• End of season celebration for coaches, student participants, school community & families

Music City is home to some of the finest minds in all of the world and we hope you come out to conversate with us soon

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